Reintroduced products...

by Laura S.

...this module reintroduced some products I forgot about, and introduced me to a few new ones!

Very thorough!

Kim S.

Very thorough... learned info on the new products which was awesome & can't wait to try them on some clients that they will be a perfect fit for!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome!

    • LCN History and Milestones

    • Ethics & Mission Statement

    • Guarantee of Quality

  • 2

    The Foot and Toenail

    • Function of the Foot

    • The Natural Toenail

  • 3

    The Art of the Pedicure

    • Pedicure Outline

  • 4

    Products Turn Treatments into an Experience

    • Foot Care

    • What Type of Foot am I Dealing with ?

    • LCN Standard Line

    • LCN Mykosept System

    • LCN UREA System

    • LCN Citrus System

    • Diabetics

  • 5

    Wilde Pedique Silver Plus

    • LCN BS Braces for Ingrown Toenails

    • Reconstruction of Toenails

    • Lets Add Colour

  • 6


    • Foot Facts

    • Client Tips for Fit Feet

    • Foot Care Guide for Professionals

    • Where to Shop